We help a good specialists to get a well-deserved job.

How we work

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    We offer you
    a vacancy

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    We do job interviews

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    We recommend to our clients

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    You get a job

Benefits of job search with Smart Solutions

  • 1
    Access to top level companies vacancies
    Large international companies seek our assistance in quality search and selection of qualified employees. In most cases, access to such vacancies can be obtained only through a professional agency, as employers prefer to communicate only with reliable candidates.
  • 2
    Objective assessment
    We seek to help candidates to grow and improve their competence. Professional recruiters will evaluate assessment of your qualifications to a vacancy and provide detailed feedback on what you need to work on.
  • 3
    Free of charge
    We are not an information agency, we are the complex HR-company. Our main activity is finding professional staff for our customers. And they pay for our work. We will not demand any payment from you before or after the interview.
Anna Kitsyna
Anna Kitsyna
Head of Key Account Department
+7 495 266-68-52

Are you invited to a job interview?

Congratulations! You are already halfway to a new job. Read guidelines to pass interview successfully.

Preparation of documentation

Be on time

Always come in 10-15 minutes before the start of the interview, then you will have time to get your thoughts together on a comfortable sofa with a cup of coffee. This will help you begin the interview with self-confidence.

Preparation of documentation

Rest assured

We do not take a final decision about your recruiting. We recommend you to a client. Accordingly, you have no reason to worry. Use this opportunity to train your confidence.

Preparation of documentation

Tell the truth

Truth is the secret of a successful interview.

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