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Smart Solutions is a leader by the customer portfolio size and by the number of outstaffed employees, through continuous innovations

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Key advantages of outstaffing

  • 1
    cost reduction
    Outstaffing helps reduce your HR-management costs due to the absence of non-core personnel administration specialists
  • 3
    Reducing risks
    Outstaffing service provider is responsible for the quality and process of personnel administration to CHIFs
  • 2
    Focus on core business assignments
    We help release your in-house resources that could be channelled towards developing your core business and mitigate all related risks
Nataliya Giryak
Nataliya Giryak
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Smart Solutions Services

Your employees essentially change the employer they work for, but continue to work in the same place and the same conditions. Outstaffing supplier is responsible for ensuring the official employment, taxation, insurance, etc. of outstaffed employees

Staff reorganization

Staff reorganization

We will handle all issues related to staff reorganization, including information support

Registration of foreigners

Registration of foreigners

We will answer any questions related to employment of foreigners, including migration audit procedure

Easy document management

Easy document management

We provide a qualitatively new approach to capture, store and maintaine outstaffing documents in maximally simple and convenient way

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Innovation — Smart Outstaffing Tool (SOT)

Smart Outstaffing Tool integrates all business processes outstaffing into one simple online system
STAFF TOOL integrates all outstaffing business processes into a single easy-to-handle online system
  • All document flow is well-structured and accessible in one place
  • Online customer support
  • Quick access to any information, reports and applications for clients and staff
  • Time saving


Quick online access to any financial information and reports. Full control over activities of the company’s contractors and staff employees

It helps reduce the time spent on managing outstaffed employees and remember all tasks. It stores all necessary correspondence and documentation in one place.

Tasks are performed faster

hours saved
on average per year with 30-employees outstaffed

Customers who switched to Smart Solutions, noted that with our Smart Outstaffing Tool they really save time.

We are trusted

and more

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